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In 1980 a theatre group was established in the village of Sitke. In 2001 we moved nearby to Celldömölk, where we took the name of 'Lajos Soltis' our former master and artistic leader. Our new home used to be the building of the old town cinema and its acoustics and layout are very suitable for an alternative theatre, a studio theatre. Being an alternative theatre group in the countryside has always been a real challenge. We are a poor theatre, yet we try to do our utmost to fulfill the expectations of this kind of theatre ideal, using all our strength and experience. If we want to create something, either a performance, a set, a costume or if we want to go on a tour, we must work at it with blood, sweat and tears. Team spirit has always been our strongsuit. Here work has a certain sanctity, and everyone has a suitable attitude. Perhaps that is the most important thing.

People used to say that the very existance of this group is a totally special natural phenomena, like... finding some delicate flower in a desert. They wonder about how it got there and how does it survive.

Performing Arts School

Our Performing Arts School has been in operation since 2001. Apart from two school years in the past, the school has been privately funded. In addition to their regular training courses, students participate in shorter workshops, organized by the theatre.

Our theatre is not just a theatre it fulfills public educational duties too. We run a "Children's Studio" for young artists between 8 and 14 years of age, while high school and college students are welcomed into our "Theatre Studio".

From our first days up to now, the following actors, directors, dance artists, voice and speech coaches, and performing arts teachers served as instructors at our school:


Every year we have a seasonal ticket for all ages. We are working in a repertoire system. We are making children-, youth- and adult plays. We have a theatre season and a summer season too. According to the national and international statistics of 2013, in that year we had 96 children plays for 15.586 spectators, 24 youth plays for 2.183 viewer and 34 adult plays for 3.857 spectators. Most of the plays are awarded on different national and international festivals.


Especially in the springtime and summertime we have a lot of outdoor theatre plays on city events, festivals, and so on. These are mostly comedies from the middle ages from France and Poland. That’s why the estetical speciality of the Soltis is that it has some „farce”, some „fairground comedy”, some „comedia dell’arte” flavour. Our playing style is mostly building from the externalities towards the inner truths. On our repertoire we have fairground comedies, physical theatre plays based on acrobatic-contact elements, musicals, psychological realist plays and loads of children plays. It’s almost uncategorizable.


Our troupe consists about 25-30 members. They are mainly our actors and directors. But we have helpers from all around the country. We are a community theatre so everybody helps where they can, from assembling the scenery to cleaning the theatre. But we have usually six people who are dealing with administrative and technical tasks. From time to time we invite guest directors to learn from them the other flavours of acting and art we haven’t tasted before. As in a true workshop sometimes the members of the troup direct plays too. The number of the permanent employees are around 5 to 8 people. The others are all volunteers.


The Soltis Lajos Theatre is 36 years old. It was founded by Gabor Nagy in 1980 in a little village called Sitke. Until 2000 it was called Sitkei Színkör (Theatre Group of Sitke). It began as an amateur theatre club for young people. As our artistic leader once said in an interview: „The past of our theatre is the best past it could be. Everything begins like this. There are young people who’re meeting, talking, then luckily they don’t decide to go to bars to drink but because of something- the reason doesn’t really matter- they create a theatre play”. They made plays, they took them to festivals and on one of these events they’ve met with Soltis Lajos, a genius actor and director. He saw possibility and imagination in that group so he began to be a mentor for them. He directed plays, he invited guest directors from the different sectors of theatre in Hungary, and they slowly abandoned amateurism and they became an alternative, independent theatre. They moved to Celldömölk (that’s a nice little town in Hungary). But unfortunately in a car accident three main actors, and directors of the theatre died. László Kurucz, Szabina Figer and Soltis Lajos- the mentor and artistic leader of the Theatre Group of Sitke. That’s why Gabor Nagy the founder and current director of the theatre named the establishment after his mentor and friend- Soltis Lajos. From then we are working really hard day by day to entertain and teach our spectators in Celldömölk, in County Vas, in Hungary and everybody our theatre can get to...

Program Calendar

Before you died
Budapest, 2019. 12. 06
Cinnabar operation
Celldömölk, 2019. 12. 07
Celldömölk, 2019. 12. 15
Hansel and Gretel
Celldömölk, 2019. 12. 30
Budapest, 2020. 01. 12
The all-seeing princess
Budapest, 2020. 01. 21
The three sisters
Celldömölk, 2020. 02. 15
The three sisters
Celldömölk, 2020. 02. 16

Gyõrújbarát, 2020. 02. 20
Hansel and Gretel
Győrújbarát, 2020. 03. 05


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